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 Support and Troubleshooting FAQs

If your question is not answered here, we'd like to answer it for you by email. Please write to contact@tali.com.


My hard disk crashed -or- I got a new PC and I need new codes to re-install HTML PowerTools.

Download and install the latest Test Drive version of HTML PowerTools (here) if you haven't already done so.

Then, send us an email to contact@tali.com with the following information. We will send you corresponding registration keys to convert your Test Drive installation into a registered one:

  • Name of registered user
  • Email address used in original order (if different from current email)
  • Order number or Order Date of original order
  • The ten-letter Installation Codes that currently appear when you start the Tools (don't send any codes you received from us previously)


When trying to install,a dialog box appeared with the following: "Unable to start program. Report to technical support: K70."

Your anti-virus software is preventing the registration procedure from completing. Solve this with the following procedure:

  1. Close all the tools
  2. Disable the anti-virus program
  3. Windows 3.x users must reboot at this point
  4. Reactivate the tools
  5. Enter the key codes
Note: This is a one-time-only procedure.


I purchased the Tools, sent and received my key codes, attempted to unlock the program, but the screen said that my codes were invalid.

The programs' installation codes change at the end of the 30-day Test Drive period. You probably sent us the installation codes that were appearing before the thirty days had expired, but entered the key codes after the expiry date. Click here to get new codes.


After re-installing HTML PowerTools, my old installation codes don't work and the program is asking me for new codes.

Each installation generates a unique set of codes. Click here to get new codes.


Incompatible *.OCX File Versions

A number of different errors can occur when there is an incompatibility between one or more OCX "shared system files" required by HTML PowerTools and the program itself. Note that this is not a fault of the HTML PowerTools software.

This most often occurs after installing some other software that overwrites one of these files (that was originally installed by HTML PowerTools) with an older version ("misbehaved" installation programs do this very often, unfortunately).

The simplest solution is to re-install HTML PowerTools. This will restore the correct files and/or link to the newer ones. The HTML PowerTools install program has not, to our knowledge, ever corrupted the installation of another application.

IMPORTANT: BEFORE RE-INSTALLING BACK UP ALL THE FILES IN THE HTML POWERTOOLS INSTALLATION DIRECTORY. After re-installing, simply copy those files back into the new installation directory. If you do not do this, your installation will no longer be registered.

The versions of the relevant OCX files installed with HTML PowerTools follow. Later versions than the ones listed will be fine. Older versions will cause errors when running the Tools. Note: you can determine the version number of the OCX files you have installed (usually in your Windows\System directory) by right-clicking on the file name, selecting Properties, and selecting the Version tab.

32-bit version of HTML PowerTools:

  • comctl32.ocx (6.00.8022)
  • comdlg32.ocx (6.00.8169)
  • tabctl32.ocx (6.00.8169)
  • vspell32.ocx (2.1)

16-bit version of HTML PowerTools:

  • comdlg16.ocx (1.0.2415)
  • msoutl16.ocx (1.0.2415)
  • tabctl16.ocx (1.0.0020)
  • vspell16.ocx (2.1)


Where can I get the latest HTML Rulebase files?

HTML PowerAnalyzer uses the information stored in HTML Rulebases to validate your HTML. A number of different HTML Rulebases are supplied with the program, but since HTML standards are constantly changing, we update these files as it becomes necessary.

The latest up-to-date versions of the HTML Rulebase files can always be found on this Website's Rulebase page, http://www.tali.com/rulebase.html.


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