Installation Codes

In cases when it is not possible or desirable to receive registered progeam files by email, we have implemented a software key code system to register our software: a special code may be used to convert the 30-day Test Drive version into a fully-registered version.

Each installation code is unique. In order for us to send you the appropriate registration key, you must first supply us with the installation code from your software.

You can find the installation code for each product by clicking the Register button when the program starts up. If the 30-day evaluation period has expired, then the code is displayed immediately when starting the program.

When ordering the Suite, you will have to supply six codes, one for each of the tools that requires registration.

Note: If installation codes are not supplied with your online order, you will receive a ZIP file as an email attachment (approx. 450K) that contains registered tools. If you choose this option, make sure you can receive email attachments of this type.

Please address any questions to contact@tali.com.

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