Shopping List Manager for Windows will organize your supermarket trips to get you in and out of the store in the shortest time possible.

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Shopping List Manager

SLM Saves You Time!

Shopping List Manager (SLM) for Windows will organize your supermarket trips to get you in and out of the store in the shortest time possible. SLM version 5 is a mature Windows application that offers many convenient features, including saved shopping lists, saved recipes, support for printing and sending completed lists in a variety of ways, many speed-enhancing tips and lots of customizable options.

SLM allows you to maintain a list of all the items you buy in any number of stores, and where those items are located within each store. When you are ready to go shopping, simply click each item you want to buy (or use the keyboard for extra speed). Easily add quantities, coupon notes and other comments to speed along your time in the store.

SLM will then print out your shopping list in aisle order, or you can send it to yourself or someone else by email, WhatsApp, etc. No more hunting down items while in the store. No more entering aisles in which you need nothing. No more forgetting an item after being in its aisle. No more forgetting which coupons you want to use. No more wasted time!

SLM is a flexible and time-saving tool for anyone who goes shopping in large stores. Because of the size of the modern supermarket, finding what you need can mean wasting a tremendous amount of time hunting down the particular items you seek. SLM was designed to save you this time.

If you would rather be in and out of the supermarket in half the time, you need SLM!

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Shopping List Manager for Windows

Cut in half the time you spend in the supermarket!

Shopping List by Email

Focused on Speed

Fast list preparation at home, and then save tons of time in the store!

Print or Send Lists

Print shopping lists, send them by email, WhatsApp, etc.

Save Recipes & Lists

Easily add recipe ingredients and re-use saved shopping lists.

Very Customizable

SLM allows you to customize many options and program features.

Download SLM

SLM requires Microsoft Windows (7 or later). Double-click the downloaded MSI file to install. (If you receive a SmartScreen message, click More Info and Install Anyway.) To run the installed app, click Shopping List Manager in the Start Menu or its desktop icon.

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The one-time cost of purchasing a permanent license for Shopping List Manager is $25.00 (US). You'll need to download and install the app (in order to get an installation code) before you can purchase it. The trial version lets you try out all the features before buying it.

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