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[Cart] Shopping List Manager (SLM) for WIndows will organize your supermarket trips to get you in and out in the shortest time possible. SLM (version 3.1) is a mature Windows application that offers many convenient features not found in earlier versions of the program, or anywhere else.

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SLM allows you to maintain a list of all the items you buy in any number of stores. When you are ready to go shopping, simply point and click at each item you want to buy. Easily add quantities, coupon notes, and other comments using only the mouse for fastest entry.


SLM will print out your shopping list in aisle order! No more hunting down items while in the store. No more entering aisles in which you need nothing. No more forgetting an item after being in its aisle. No more forgetting which coupons you want to use.

Many additional features also aim at saving you time and effort before and during shopping trips:

  • Save shopping lists for re-use (e.g. can contain items you buy every time)
  • Save recipes and their ingredients for one-click shopping list creation
  • Toolbar speed-entry of everything
  • Cusomtizable toolbar and program features
  • Customizable aisle names (e.g., dairy, vegetables, bakery)
  • Supports use with any number of different stores
  • and much more!

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